E Liquid UK

E Liquid UK and Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or otherwise known as e-cigs are a device that is similar to a regular cigarette, but is different.  The biggest differences are that one uses battery power to operate and a cartridge that has been filled with e-liquid.  Regular cigarettes only require a lighter.

The biggest thing about electronic cigarettes is they can be used sometimes in places or venues where regular cigarettes couldn’t be used.   While these are a few differences between the two, these differences are very far apart.  The use of electronic cigarettes is becoming increasingly popular with people.

E-Liquids Are What?

E Liquids are what is used to create the taste and also where the nicotine is stored.  E Liquid UK is basically different liquids that are combined together and put into a cartridge.

Then when connected as part of an electronic cigarette, the liquid is then heated and made into a smoke or vapor. This is then inhaled through the mouth just like any other cigarette.  These cartridges come in many flavors and this has been a bit part of why people are using the electronic cigarette more than ever before.

Electronic Cigarette Background

The electronic cigarette has been around since the 1960’s but in the past decade or so, have really become something that is looked at as an alternative to regular cigarette use.  The electronic cigarette has a couple different components that make it complete.  The different components are:

  • LED – This is on the base of the electronic cigarette and every time someone inhales this will light up.  It is there as a simulation to look like the red end on a real cigarette.
  • Battery – The base area that houses all electrical circuitry and is the biggest part of the whole electronic cigarette.  The battery itself is small and about the same size as a watch battery or small electronics battery.
  • Atomizer – This is right above the battery area and is where all the heating is done.  The heating allows for the E-Liquid to be made into smoke or vapors and inhaled. 
  • Cartridge – The mouthpiece or top part of the electronic cigarette.  This is where the E-Liquid is held and can be changed out as often as needed.

E Liquid Options

The nice thing about electronic cigarettes is the E-Liquid.  There are many different flavours that can be purchased and used for enjoyment.

To date there are 30 or more flavours that can be used, but what some people are finding out, is that by mixing some flavours, more flavours can be made.  Most cartridges and E-Liquids contain nicotine, but there are some out there that are nicotine free.  This is a good option for those who are wanting to look at reducing how much they smoke and even quit smoking all together.

Electronic cigarettes have become more popular over the years and analysts and researchers believe that over the next couple years it could potentially replace regular cigarettes.

The abilities and options that electronic cigarettes give people is more than what regular cigarettes can give.

The biggest factor in all of it is the E Liquids UK.  With so many flavours and options, it’s no wonder people have seen this as the way to go when it comes to smoking in the United Kingdom.