E Liquid

What is Ciglites E Liquid?

E liquid is a substance that is made of three main components: propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerine (VG), concentrated flavours and a concentration of nicotine. E-liquid is more commonly known as e-juice and is used in electronic cigarettes.

This is the solution that creates the vapour. You can purchase e liquid in pre-filled cartomizers that you can throw away or you can buy the solution itself.

As soon as the e cigarette liquid is heated by the atomizer on your e-cig, you will feel like you are smoking as you exhale a large cloud of vapor. For the best vaping results, having a quality e-liquid is essential.

Does eliquid have nicotine?

Generally the Ciglites eliquid comes in five different strengths, although each brand may be different. They make it this way so that no matter how much you smoked, you can find a nicotine level that will work for you.

There is also a zero miligram that will still give you the satisfaction of the hand to mouth movement and blowing out vape. Nicotine levels may include:

  • 24 milligram for heavy smokers
  • 18 milligram for the average smoker
  • 12 milligram for the light smoker
  • 8 milligram for the extra light smoker
  • 0 milligram for those trying to quit

It is highly recommended for new vapers to start with an e-liquid that has 18 milligram of nicotine.

This way you can first of all work on transitioning to the new style of smoking and secondly adjust accordingly. If you find yourself feeling anxious and constantly charging your battery, you may need to go up to the 24 milligram. On the other hand, if you are feeling light-headed and nauseous you should probably drop down to the 12 milligram.

Can I get e liquid in different flavours?

There are a variety of different flavour choices out there. If you are willing to vape outside of the box you will find more than just the typical tobacco and menthol flavours.

E liquid or e juice as it is known sometimes is broken down into different flavour categories.

Some of these may include beverage flavours, candy flavours, nut and spice flavours, sweets and dessert flavours and even fruity flavours. Once you decide what kind of vape you are looking for, you will find even more options.

Similar to cigarettes, the tobacco and menthol flavours have several options. If you’re really looking for something new and interesting, most vendors will have their own speciality blends that you can only purchase through them. There are so many different options you are bound to find one (if not several) that you enjoy vaping.

E Liquid UK 

A throat hit is the feeling you get in the back of the throat whenever you initially inhale the vapour. When vaping was first gaining public attention, it was said that it felt as if you were just breathing rather than actually smoking.

As technology has progressed throughout the years, you can now feel the sensation in the back of your throat depending on the style of electronic cigarette and the type of e liquid that you use. Both are important factors however, e-liquids with a higher concentration of PG tend to give a better throat hit.